Sep 252012


A follow up editorial centered on the sales of both Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 just over 10 months after release and breaking down the pie percentages with overall sales.


It has once again been a while since I last did any writing, but I figured I would give an update just over 10 months after the release of both Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. If you look at my first editorial on the subject after a week of MW3 being on sale you will see that the overall pie division was 72%/28% (12.9M to 5M) in favor of MW3. I followed that up with an editorial after the games had been out 4 months and the overall pie division had moved to 70%/30%.

As stated in the newer piece, with the unfortunate decision by NPD to stop releasing sales numbers and grouping total sales for a game across all platforms together it has become a bit more difficult to cobble together information on numbers, so these are guesses at best.

Modern Warfare 3

We’ll start off as always talking about North American numbers. Here I will be pointing out the two games up to this point as well as their previous iterations (Black Ops and Medal of Honor, which DICE did work on for multiplayer) overall sales totals.

Modern Warfare 3: 14.34 Million
Battlefield 3: 6.05 Million
Black Ops: 14.43 Million
Medal of Honor: 2.6 Million

Good news for EA is that BF3 has increased its ratio to almost 2.5:1 from the 2:1 ratio after 4 months in outselling Medal of Honor in North America. Bad news for Activision at this point is that after 10 months MW3 has not taken over the sales title from Black Ops over its whole release time in North America.

Doing a North American pie chart we see MW3 in the lead with a 70%/30% breakdown, which is an increase of 1% for BF3. Once again this is a win for EA on the North American front in regards to market penetration versus the OK selling Medal of Honor against Black Ops.

Battlefield 3

Now we go into worldwide sales for each:

Modern Warfare 3: 26.78 Million
Battlefield 3: 12.07 Million (you can add 2.12M if you want to include PC)
Black Ops: 25.08 Million
Medal of Honor: 4.98 Million

Here you see that within 10 months both MW3 and BF3 have outsold the total sales of their predecessors worldwide. The pie breakdown is 69%/31% for MW3. EA has increased its penetration by 1%. If we include the PC sales of that game the pie is 65%/35%. Once again EA should be pleased with this result even though their big dream was to outsell Call of Duty. 31% of the overall pie is good, especially when compared to Black Ops‘ 83%/17% domination of Medal of Honor.

Modern Warfare 3

Also at this point MW3 after 10 months has outsold overall Black Ops sales by roughly 6.3% worldwide. That is an increase of 2.8% over the 4 month mark, although it is still a good distance away from double digit increases. BF3 on the other hand has enjoyed close to a 150% increase in sales over Medal of Honor, an increase of almost 28% from the 4 month mark.

Battlefield 3

Looking toward the future and the upcoming releases of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Medal of Honor: Warfighter I continue to say that EA is not doing itself any favors by bringing out another Medal of Honor game. I think the Battlefield name helps a lot and EA is obviously trying to push that with the future Battlefield 4 beta being tied to the new MoH game. The game may see an increase from its initial penetration with the previous release, but I don’t see the pie getting any narrower with the proven Black Ops name behind the new CoD. We shall see here in a month or so.